Robots and dinosaurs

After giving up the idea of cloning dinosaurus, Clive Palmer built a Jurassic Pak with 117 animatronic dinosaurs at the Palmer Coolum Resort at north of Brisbane.


Palmer started his collection by putting two animatronic behemoths. Those are Tyrannosaurus rex called Jeff and an Omeisaurus named Bones.

The creatures in the park will soar up to 6m and have a weight over a ton. That’s not all, they’ll be able to move their tails and blink.


robot park

dinos park

  1. michaeltijskens
    12/04/2013 at 11:21

    There is a show all around the world called: ‘Walking with dinosaurs’. A lot of the dinosaurs used in this impressive show are also animatronic dinosaurs. I would love to see this show someday! 😉

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