Safe storage of hydrogen gas

We have been discussing the dangers of hydrogen gas and everyone realizes that a safe storage is necessary.
The safe storage of the hydrogen gas is indeed a bottleneck in the evolution of the hydrogen powered car.
Therefore a lot of research is done to create a solution.
There has been a multi-year project done by Batelle. (Battelle has for decades served as an integral resource for developing safety test methods for new vehicle technology.)

In their report, they make the following statements

In the tests that we’ve performed—and this is crash tests of some mockup hydrogen vehicles as well as crash tests of actual hydrogen fuel cell vehicles—in all cases the container, the tank and the fuel system remained leak tight. This was despite impacts to the tank itself, in crashes rear and side up to 40 mph. So this was impacts to the fuel tank region. The tanks were well protected—the vehicle provides substantial protection. Then, the tanks, being high pressure tanks, are extremely robust in a crash scenario. In addition, there is plumbing and the fittings that convey the gas. Those were deformed substantially. They are very ductile and can accommodate the deformation that occurs in a crash without leakage.

—Dr. Denny Stephens

Battelle test results suggest that, with appropriate safety testing, hydrogen vehicles can be as safe as conventional vehicles on the road today.
Would you consider buying a hydrogen car when it is as safe as a conventional vehicle?
I would.
  1. 02/04/2013 at 10:29

    I hope they will do the tests for higher speed also. But if these cars are as safe as conventional cars, if the price is affordable and if more fuel stations include hydrogen gas tanks in their facilities: YES!

    • 02/04/2013 at 17:41

      I agree with the need for tests on higher speeds. I don’t understand why they stopped testing at 40 mph.

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