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Is the innovation in technology for everyone?

The evolution of the technology is very fast! Lots of new robotic things have been found, that can make you life easer. But the question is, is this innovation applicable to everybody?!          Has ‘every man’ in the world an advantage of it? Or moreover, has ‘every man’ in the world the possibility to use the new invented/innovated machines?

To explain my point of view, I’ll give you an example.

Here you can see ‘a grasrobot’. The robot is equipped with a lithium-ion battery, a rain sensor and a star shaped blade. It’s a user friendly robot and easy to program. The cutting height of the robot can be set, depending on the hight of the grass. In addition, due to auto programming, it is possible only to mow the grass if it is necessary.


Well, that sounds great!

If I ask you the question, would you buy a grasrobot? Then probably your answer will be; ‘yes, why not!’

Only until the moment you become aware of the price!

The price of a grasrobot is around 1250 Euro.

If I ask you now the same question, you will be less satisfied to say yes.

My point of view is that the engineers and the scientist should also be aware of this. Yes, a rich man has the possibility to buy every new thing, doesn’t matter how expensive it is. But what about the middle class people? Do you think that he’ll buy this grasmachine? He also wants to try it, but maybe has no possibility to buy it.                                                                In this way, in my point of view, rich people will become richer and the middle class people will become ‘arm’.

What is your opinion about it?


The grasrobot

The grasrobot 2

  1. 01/04/2013 at 12:44

    I think new technologies are always expensive. This is also the case with your grasrobot. In the beginning it will be very expensive and only the rich people can afford them. But after a while the price will become lower and more and more people will be able to afford them.
    We have seen this evolution with the vacuum cleaner robots too. First they were very expensive and now they cost about 500€, which is exactly the same as a Dyson vacuum cleaner.
    This is just the evolution of a new technology.

  2. 01/04/2013 at 15:23

    Yh, I agree, this is indeed the evolution of a new technology, but until the time it evaluates in the direction to become cheap, other new similar machines are invented, which are better. The evolution of becoming cheap actually takes years, whereby the curiosity for buying a new thing disappears almost.

  3. 02/04/2013 at 09:10

    That these machines are expensive are mostly because they just cannot be cheaper, so first of all it is not that it has a goal to extend the gap between poor and rich people. Secondly in my opinion it is necessary to have such differences. Because it is not the reason of the pricy machines to be only for rich people there is no bad thing about it. Imagine that all of a sudden ‘every man’ has such a machine… that wouldn’t be great also. Its the difference between people that make people happy. If you cannot afford it, it mostly means you just do not want to pay that price for it and it means that it will not make you happier. If you want it but you really cannot afford it, you certainly will find other things that will let you forget the expensive robot or you can just wait for the price to lower and then when you finally got it you will even be more happy than you would be first.

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