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Tissue renewal

Because of the post with the bionic eye, I looked up some recent articles to explain what I mean with regenerating tissue.

In this simple article in De Standaard there is explained how damaged cardiac tissue because of an myocardial infarction can be replaced or regenerated with autogenous cardiac stem cells. Because it was really promising it also appeared in the Cardiovascular Research magazine. First tests were performed with test animals and now the first trials on human are done.

nursing diagnosis for myocardial infarctoin

Myocardial infarction

Another article in De Standaard tells us that a trachea was transplanted that was completely made in vitro already in 2011. A conductive scaffold was used as a matrix for seeding the stem cells onto. This construct was cultured in vitro and the stem cells successfully proliferated and differentiated into a trachea that was accepted by the patient.


Tissue engineering concept


Cultured trachea

Sorry for the english people but I hope you understand my short summaries and with the help of the pictures you hopefully can imagine something like it.

  1. xieaizhi
    21/03/2013 at 17:07

    I can totally understand you. I watched Grey’s Anatomy a lot. I should say stem cell researching is really exciting. At this moment, they can only raise some simple cells like muscle etc. I hope we can see a whole renewed organ in decades. Also I think the scaffold can help a lot in that. It provides a structure for growing the tissue.

  2. 02/04/2013 at 14:47

    These articles are very helpful to understand what regenerating tissue means. Thanks!

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