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Audible frequency difference of humans

One cent is equal to 1/100th of a semitone. Humans can hear a difference starting from 5-6 cents [1]. In our thesis project we are using frequency difference to translate some video features. At 30 Hz 6 cents correspond to a frequency difference of 0,104Hz. At 15kHz  6 cents correspond to a frequency difference of 52,1Hz [2]. This illustrates that humans are a lot more sensitive to frequency changes in the low frequent regions than in high frequent regions, and thus if we want to make use of frequency change, we have to make sure that the resolution in the low frequent region is high enough.

Measurements of the audio synthesizer will be added later to check whether the frequency resolution is high enough.

– [1] http://etd.gatech.edu/theses/available/etd-04102006-142310/

– [2] http://www.sengpielaudio.com/calculator-centsratio.htm

  1. xieaizhi
    19/03/2013 at 13:32

    This one is important for our thesis. I want to know that do they have a experiment for testing how sensitive can people hear in frequency?

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