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Process tracking for FPGA group

First, I want to explain a few questions from last post.

What’s a FPGA? Why FPGA?

For normal processor, the schematic is all the same for one model. You cannot change it after it was manufactured, that means it would not be perfect for all the tasks you want. Now you can image FPGA as a very fast speed processor which you can change the internal circuits afterwards as  you like. So eash time, we just boot our new design to the FPGA chip, it becomes a new processor. We modify it only for our target without any other irrespective module on chip, so that’s much faster than normal PC.

What’s DSP?

It’s digital signal processing. We transfer time domain data to frequency domain. That makes all the calculation easier.

What are we going to detect?

At the beginning, we will use edge detection for some simple shape, like sphere, rectangle etc.

What sounds are we going we generated?

We can save human voice into the memory like your GPS or we just use different beeps.

Then, we come back to the project.

We changed from Nexys 3 develop board to Atlys.   Atlys is special for video and image design. We have 4 HDMI ports on board. It’s much better than the VGA output in Nexys. We connected a stereo camera with the board.


It has two cameras. We can calculate the data difference for getting the information like distance etc.

We already have a running design for the camera, I will post it in the next essay.

Thanks for reading.

We are glad to answer you questions.

And Merry Christmas.

Aizhi & Toon.

  1. 24/12/2012 at 12:24

    What are the downsides of an FPGA? Is it more expensive for a given configuration than a fixed setup? Is it slower (I.e. If you would “program” and x86 processor, would it have comparable performance?)?

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