Quadrotors build a tower

In the future, one of the areas a quadrotor can be used in is in construction work. The video below shows the construction of a small tower by quadrotors.

This demonstration shows the general concepts of construction with quadrotors. The quadrotors used here have a limited carrying capacity, so the blocks are made of foam, but the quadrotors are scalable so usage in real construction would be feasible.

This project also uses an external camera system for the navigation of the quadrotors. It actually uses the same Vicon system we are trying to replace.

Every quadrotor has its own trajectory planning and energy management. It receives the spot it has to put his brick on from one central computer which interprets the blueprint and coordinates the construction. When one quadrotor has a low battery level, it will put itself in a recharging station and an other quadrotor will take its place.

This tower is actually a 6m high 1:100 scale model of vertical village designed by Gramazio and Kohler, 2 architects involved in this demonstration. Every block would contain some apartments or commercial space.

Rendering vertical village

Rendering of the vertical village. (Credit Gramazio & Kohler)


Flying Machine Enabled Construction

IEEE Spectrum

  1. michaeltijskens
    07/12/2012 at 14:10

    This is very impressive!
    But if this would be done on full scale, wouldn’t it be a lot more cheaper if they just used a few simple cranes in stead of an army of these quadrotors? Also i don’t see a quadrotor equal the load capacity of a crane?

    • 08/12/2012 at 15:56

      The technology isn’t there yet for the moment. And in a lot of cases a crane will be cheaper indeed. But it creates new construction possibilities which where not there before. (For instance on places where a crane would be hard to be placed.)

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